ASL Airlines France (ASLF) is one of France’s leading airlines, tracing it’s roots to the French postal airline L’Aeropostale. It operates a fleet of 15 Boeing 737 aircraft.

    The company’s unique market position and flexibility stems from the pioneering use of the Boeing 737-300QC (Quick Change), which allows the same aircraft to carry passengers during the day and cargo at night, generating great efficiencies.

    ASLF is committed to sustainable development in sympathy with the environment using technology to significantly reduce noise emissions and to maximize aircraft performance and fuel savings. The company’s focus on maintaining it’s market leading status includes ISO 9001:2000 certification and the award of the Horizon Label, a hallmark of safety, transparency and quality.

    • Boeing 737-300 Quick Change
    • Boeing 737-300 Freighter
    • Boeing 737-300 Passenger
    • Boeing 737-400 Freighter
    • Boeing 737-700 Passenger

ASL Airlines France

Bâtiment le Séquoia
15 rue du Haut de Laval
95290 Tremblay en France

Postal address:
BP 14454 (Tremblay en France)

T +33 1 48 17 75 75
F +33 1 48 17 75 65

Link to website: